Interview with Model – Brittany Hetzer

Photographer – Relayze

DJ Cobalt 60: Why do you love creating images?

Brittany Hetzer: I love creating images because it’s a rush while you’re doing it. You can feel sexy, pretty and know you’re killing it… But you still won’t know how they look until you see them. Modeling to me is just about expressing yourself and showing people you can transform behind the lens…. I also want my daughter to look up to me someday so I want to make sure I do it the proper way.

DJ Cobalt 60: It is thanks to your love of tattoos and body modifications that you got into modeling, you literally had well-established photographers and models who you met at tattoo conventions tell you to give it try. Have you approached modeling purely from the standpoint that it’s something fun to do in your spare time or do you have any specific goals in mind that you want to achieve?

Brittany Hetzer: Yeah, my tattoos and alternative look helped me get noticed at tattoo conventions but, really it’s something I would have tried eventually.  Maybe people influencing me just helped get the ball rolling quicker… After all, if you’re a great boxer and you have Ali telling you to get in the ring, chances are you’re going to listen:)

Photographer – T. Tryon

So when well-known photographers and models told me to do it. I definitely took their word for it. Now to answer the next question… Goals? Yes I have plenty of goals. I try to make a new goal for myself every day.  My goals for modeling were first, get signed. So I did with Famous Inked Models.  My second goal was to be published.  I sent in my first submission and was published. So then I sent in every different set I could to magazines. And they ALL were published. So now my goal is…. COVERS. 💖 It’s all about timing. So I trust it will happen when it needs to.  I’ve only been doing this for 7 months.

Photographer – @meech213, Models – Lisa Marie and Brittany Hetzer

DJ Cobalt 60: Are there any models you look up to?

Brittany Hetzer: I really respect Gypsy Rose.  She’s a wife, and you can just tell that girl is ride or die for her husband big Gus. She doesn’t let this “ego” thing get to her either.  You can just tell she knows what’s important in life, and I RESPECT her for that.

DJ Cobalt 60: What is an image of yours that you believe best represents your style and asthenic and what was the situation surrounding it?

Brittany Britton: An image of mine that represents my style the most would probably be one from the set I shot at the train tracks with @meech213.  It was extremely sexy and classy.  It was outside, on the tracks, alongside a bunch of tress.  So I enjoyed using all the surroundings and being outdoors. If I do “sexier” stuff I try to make sure the result is still classy and beautiful and not “too sexy”.  Being a mom and a wife I try to make sure I set a good example for my daughter.

Photographer – @meech213

DJ Cobalt 60: How has having a daughter effected your work? Are you a little more mindful of what types of photo shoots you choose to accept? Do you think your work would be very different if you didn’t have daughter?

Brittany Hetzer: Having a daughter has only made me work harder to achieve what I’m trying to do. I want to show that you can still be a successful alternative model without getting naked.  Not that there’s anything wrong with it…I’m just showing that if you don’t want to, you don’t even need to. I’m always mindful when I shoot to make sure my images are coming out how I want them to. I’m always mindful when it comes to my daughter just because she’s all I think about.  Has anything changed since I’ve had her?? No.  Not really.

Photographer – Matthew Taylor

I never have posed nude and I don’t ever plan to. I think if you’re true to who you are there’s really no need to be mindful. You’ll do exactly what it is you want.

DJ Cobalt 60: I personally think it’s pretty cool that you make it known on social media that you are a loving mother and wife, to me it humanizes the images I see of you and reinforces the fact that you are only playing a role as model and are real person like everyone else, which to me makes your work even better because not only do you look confident, beautiful and exuberant in your photos you challenge the perception of what a model has to be. There seems to be a lot of emphasis within the industry on young women of a certain age range and background and you come out proudly identifying as a mother and wife looking just as good as any other model. Please excuse my language but, I think that’s fucking awesome. After you had your daughter were you at all hesitant about posing in front of the camera?

Photographer – Matthew Taylor

Brittany Hetzer: I want people who know me, follow me, and look up to me, to know that I’m a mother, a wife and a stay at home mom…That’s who I am. That’s what’s most important to me. And I think that’s why I’ve been so successful this far. I absolutely love modeling and I absolutely love my family.  So when I’m able to show that I’m a model with a daughter and a husband it helps people connect with me.  It’s strange how some models try to hide the fact that they’re married or have kids.  That’s WHO you are. Why hide it? If people don’t like it, well then you don’t need their approval anyway.  Never hide what’s important, from people who aren’t important.

DJ Cobalt 60: I never really ever see this get brought up in interviews with models who have as much ink as you do, tattoos are clearly a passion of yours, obviously like hair, make-up or wardrobe you want your tattoos to come across as well as possible in your photos. When posing are you very aware of the way your tattoos might look in so far as if a bend my leg a certain way people might not be able to make at the tattoo I have there. For example I think the photos Art Cantu Jr. took of you take real advantage of your tattoos and use them to great effect.

Photographer – Art Cantu Jr.

Brittany Hetzer: I try to pose in ways that compliment my tattoos.   But I try not to focus on that too much.  I try to just relax the best I can.  When I pose I almost do like a slow dance movement with different angles and positions.  So no matter what the photographer is able to get some good angles of my tattoos. When you have as many tattoos as I do you don’t have to focus on that as much.  So it actually gets easier with the more tattoo work you get. 💖 Eventually my whole body will be tattooed so I could literally just stand there ha-ha!

DJ Cobalt 60: Ideally how much input do you like to have on photo shoots?

Brittany Hetzer: I really don’t have much input unless I have an amazing idea. I usually let the photographer do their thing as long as they let me do mine.

DJ Cobalt 60: What do you think the best photographers bring out of you that you can’t on your own?

Brittany Hetzer: My eyes always look so mysterious to me in my photos. I love it.  Everyone tells me I have a “mysterious” look so maybe that’s something they bring out of me that I normally don’t see myself.

Photographer – @meech213

DJ Cobalt 60: How do you go about choosing which photographers to shoot with?

Brittany Hetzer: I look at their previous work first.  See what their style is like. The feedback they get on the photos and I like to actually see what they post “personally”. That lets me know what kind of person they are. You can be a great photographer but if you come off like an ass on social media. Chances are I’ll look the other way.

 DJ Cobalt 60: What do you consider beauty to be?

Brittany Hetzer: A good soul is what beauty is to me.  Inner intentions. Not just physical.

DJ Cobalt 60: Do you associate a particular look with beauty?

Brittany Hetzer: I don’t associate a certain look with beauty. I think beauty is a lot of things.

DJ Cobalt 60: How does beauty relate to the images you create?

Brittany Hetzer: I think beauty relates to my images because I’m confident when I’m modeling.  And confidence is a beautiful thing folks.

Photographer – Mike “M3” Miles

DJ Cobalt 60: Given the opportunity money not being an issue what would your dream photo shoot be?

Brittany Hetzer: My dream photo shoot would be me and @ohrangutang on a beautiful exotic beach where there’s also waterfalls (waterfalls are my favorite thing in the world) just getting bad ass images and sipping piña coladas. Ha-ha! His work is fire and I’m definitely going to shoot with him someday. A beach and piña coladas is just icing on the cake.

A GOOD MODEL KNOWS how to be a good model as well as a good role model.

I LOVE IT WHEN PHOTOGRAPHERS offer me food!! Haha #fatkidprobs


SUCCESS TO ME is about always making PROGRESS.

PEOPLE’S BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION ABOUT MY WORK…Hmmm that’s a hard one. Not sure.  I guess I’ll find that out eventually.

Photographer – Relayze

DJ Cobalt 60: For people interested in seeing more of your work or would like to learn more about you where can they go?

Brittany Hetzer: They can go to my Instagram @b_squared or my fan page.

DJ Cobalt 60: Is there any you would like to thank who has either supported you throughout your career or been instrumental to your career?

Brittany Hetzer: I’d like to thank my friend’s family and husband for supporting me. And all the photographers that worked with me during my first photo shoots. They helped me get where I am today.

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