Interview with Model – Glass Olive Pt.II

Photographer – Sam Livm

DJ Cobalt 60: What do you think the best photographers bring out of you that you can’t on your own?

Glass Olive: As a creative person with an introverted streak, it’s easy to brood over my thoughts and let my sources of inspiration become stagnant. The best photographers bring their vision to the table, in a way that’s confident and rings true. I love working with people who are just as passionate as I am, and have an entirely different and beautiful way of seeing things.

Photographer – Jake Raynor, Models – Justine Marie and Glass Olive

DJ Cobalt 60: On the topic of originality do you think it’s possible for a model to achieve something that could be consider a first for the art form?

Glass Olive: I don’t believe that anyone can create art that’s unoriginal – even if you’re trying your best to copy someone else, it will always be unique, which can be as frustrating as it is liberating. So, I guess the answer to your question is yes, I do believe that’s possible.

Photographer – Grand Bizzare

DJ Cobalt 60: Given the opportunity to shoot whatever you wanted, money not being an issue what would your dream photo shoot be?

Glass Olive: Probably a week-long photo shoot at Versailles or one of the Old Russian palaces. I’d go all out. I won’t even bother trying to describe everything I’d want to do, it’d take too long. But you better believe that it would be the most elaborate set-up you can imagine.

DJ Cobalt 60: As an artist what is the highest compliment you can receive?

Glass Olive: That my work inspires others. It blows my mind that the art I’ve created or been a part of has enhanced the lives of others. My life has been a gift, and it makes me feel very fulfilled when I can do something, anything, to return the favor.

Photographer – James Wigger, Models – Glass Olive and Ayme Ueda

DJ Cobalt 60: 3 songs you can never get tired of listening to?

Glass Olive: “Old Money” by Lana Del Ray, “Money All Around” by HOLYCHILD and “Time Forgot” by Conor Oberst, those are my faves right now.

DJ Cobalt 60: Film you have re-watched the most?

Glass Olive: “Beetlejuice” and the “Blues Brothers”, by far.

DJ Cobalt 60: If you could only retain one of your five senses which one would you choose and why?

Glass Olive: My sense of touch. I have no idea what I’d do without it.

DJ Cobalt 60: How would you describe your images to someone who was blind?

Glass Olive: I tell stories using my body.

Photographer – Grand Bizzare

DJ Cobalt 60: For people interested in your work where can they go?

Glass Olive: They can check out my work on my tumblr: or my instagram, which I use most frequently: or my model mayhem: or my website!

DJ Cobalt 60: Is there any you would like to thank who has either supported you throughout your career or been instrumental to your career?

Glass Olive: Oh dear lord. Yes. It’s a big list, though, it might take a lifetime to write up a list like that. Mainly my mother, of course. I love you, mom ❤

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