Interview with Model and Artist – Razor Candi

DJ Cobalt 60: Where are you living, where are you originally from and where do you want to end up?

Razor Candi: Currently I am living in Transylvania, Romania. I am originally from Pennsylvania where I grew up the first half of my life and then moved to Tampa, Florida for a few years before moving to Romania in 2008.

DJ Cobalt 60: What is your ethnicity?

Razor Candi: Hungarian from my mother’s side and Irish from my father’s side but, I was born and grew up the first 25 years of my life in America.

DJ Cobalt 60: How long have you been modeling for?

Razor Candi: I’ve been modeling for about ten years. I started around 2003 but probably started a serious portfolio closer to 2005 – 2006.

DJ Cobalt 60: You have described yourself stylistically as an ALT model due to your wide range of influences, do you ever try to limit yourself as an artist?

Razor Candi: Of course this all depends on the project and if there are strict requests for something specific but, generally I don’t like to limit myself as a model or an artist. Though I do have certain styles that I enjoy or prefer doing more I still like to keep an open mind and try anything and everything!

DJ Cobalt 60: Nudity is featured prominently throughout your work and you don’t shy away from engaging in open leg modeling, unfortunately there tends to be a tendency within the photographic/modeling community to categorize any imagery displaying fully exposed female genitally as pornography, what do you say to people who question the legitimacy of your art?

Razor Candi: This will be a lengthy response because I always feel like there is a lot to be said on this subject. I’m well aware that the type of work I create is a very controversial subject within the fashion scene.  I’ve had people say that vintage nude photography is okay while what other nude models shoot today is pornographic. Who’s the person that has drawn the line and why are they so important to be the one to own the right to this duty? How do we know open leg work won’t be seen as vintage art in half a decade?  Whether what I do currently may or may not become acceptable in fifty years it’s not why I do it. I shoot erotic imagery because I’m an adult and I’m the only one who decides what I do with my body. It’s my way of expressing myself; I’ve always felt that some people need to lighten up a bit so I enjoy the idea of it being offensive and shocking to some people. I like that it is controversial and I like the clash of art and immorality. It amuses me that certain people who claim to be open minded and different react with such offense towards a nude body. I’ve never viewed sex or sexual images as something taboo, evil, immoral, or what have you, I like the idea of exposing people to a lifestyle beyond ‘proper’ thinking. If some choose to seek out my work because of its sexual content then that is their choice, I enjoy the interest either way. In the end, regardless of the content being pornographic in nature I don’t feel that should forfeit the right to call it art as well. Just because I shoot erotic imagery doesn’t mean I’m saying women should be treated with disrespect, quite the opposite really. I’ve found that nude modeling has allowed me to create artistic photos with an honest twist and I am happy I have to share my work with people, which is what matters to me most.

DJ Cobalt 60: Since you do your own makeup and styling as well as come up with the majority of the design and concepts for your shoots would you say that you are more an auteur than a model?

Razor Candi: You will actually catch me saying a lot that I feel that I am more of an artist than a model because I don’t just see myself as just a subject who poses for the camera, I see it as a way to express my passions and practice my makeup and styling skills. I feel that if I am not more involved in a collaboration then the outcome isn’t really mine and I cannot be proud of the result.

DJ Cobalt 60: You have said in the past that modeling for yourself is very emotional and allows you to portray your feelings visually, do you believe you can portray any emotion through modeling and have you gotten a chance to portray a wide variety of emotions in your modeling?

Razor Candi: I believe that through modeling you can portray any emotion. I feel that I haven’t gotten to portray everything that I’d like to and I’ve only grazed the surface of what I can truly be capable of if I had the proper budget and access to things. As a DIY artist who mostly organizes everything myself it’s hard to achieve grandiose results however I do feel DIY creates a more realistic atmosphere and lets my true personality shine through a little which I like.

DJ Cobalt 60: Is provoking an emotion from your viewer whether positive or negative an essential to art, if your work fails to create any type of substantial emotional response from its viewer have you failed at your art?

Razor Candi: I do not feel that I’ve failed if I don’t provoke a response from my viewers. A lot of the time the material I shoot is just ideas that I have and sometimes I feel them and sometimes I don’t. I can usually tell during a shoot if something I’ve come up with is going to generate a response or if the vibes just aren’t there. I don’t see this as failing though; I think any attempt to create art is worth the effort and any attempt adds to the experience.

DJ Cobalt 60: How important is movement to modeling?

Razor Candi: Movement in modeling is very important because movement creates the flow of a photo. If the model is looking tense and stiff it reads all over. Same is important for the photographer because they need to know how to capture the movement and angles.  Movement is almost key to creating an image which speaks confidence or any other message you are trying to portray.

DJ Cobalt 60: What goals do you have for yourself in modeling?

Razor Candi:  My goal with modeling is to be able to create art with limitless setbacks. Of course this would involve generating a profit large enough to fund budgets for shooting so I’d be lying if I avoided the income part, but any experienced person knows that in order to create mind blowing material you need a decent budget. In the end my true goal is to just comfortably be able to bring to life any and all of the creative emotionally packed, dark, erotic, artistic, imaginative art that I possibly can create. For sure I love to make art for my viewers but in time I’ve learned that I truly need this for myself because without it I think my sanity would be lost.

DJ Cobalt 60: From the photo shoots you’ve done, which has been the most challenging or outside your comfort zone?

Razor Candi: I think my most challenging shoot was when I worked with a makeup artist to do my makeup. As I mentioned above I prefer to do my own because it’s my way of involving myself in the overall project. I found it to be difficult to regain the confidence that I needed to perform in the shoot since I did not feel very much connected with the project and felt almost unfamiliar with myself. I still embrace the experience and have no regrets, I was very curious about working with a makeup artist and still performed my best but, I still remember the experience being very uncomfortable.

DJ Cobalt 60: How far are you willing to go to get the perfect shot?

Razor Candi: I’m willing to do just about anything as long as it’s safe.

DJ Cobalt 60: As an artist what is the highest compliment you can receive?

Razor Candi: I feel the largest compliment that I can receive is to know that I’ve inspired others to create art, whether it’s inspiring girls to model, photographer to pick up a camera or artists to paint. Also when I hear that I’ve given people confidence to be themselves and not feel ashamed for who they are, I’m grateful that my work is a platform for this message.

DJ Cobalt 60: If you were given an unlimited budget to shoot whatever you wanted what would your dream shoot be?

Razor Candi: I couldn’t ever just pick one dream shoot but for sure it would involve something dark and really over the top! It may be once in my life that I would hire the best Special FX makeup artists  or buy the equipment I need for that and try it out on myself and just go all out. I think the set would end up being a transition set where I evolve into a demon succubus bombshell, and it would have to be shot in a really crazy [probably inaccessible] location, like a fortified church.

DJ Cobalt 60: In your opinion who is the most influential artist working today?

Razor Candi: Right now I think I’ve been really influenced by the band Ghost. I think they are brilliant. I adore that they are completely anonymous and their whole theme is so well organized and played out.

DJ Cobalt 60: Besides your love of visual arts could you please talk about your passion for music and what you feel can be expressed in music that can’t be expressed in visually?

Razor Candi: What I’ve always loved about music is the nostalgia. There are few things in life that can trigger the nostalgia effect, like smells, but music has always been a very strong trigger for me. Besides that I also feel that words are the quickest way to express a lot of things in a short period of time. You can highlight a lot of subjects with very strong words and you mix that with music, whether it be aggressive and angry, or soft and sad, it’s no doubt the musician has reached out and touched a lot of people.

DJ Cobalt 60: Top five favorite films?

Razor Candi: “Bronson”, “Hedwig & the Angry Inch”, “Inglorious Bastards”, “Idiocracy” and “Perfume”.

It’s hard though because I have so many favorite films, I actually have a list on IMDB.

DJ Cobalt 60: What type of music do you like and who are you currently listening to?

Razor Candi: I usually like Goth rock, rock n roll, death rock, punk, Oi!, doom and sludge. Right now I’ve been listening ardently to (in no particular order) Dystopia, Burning Witch, Crass, Ghost, Those Poor Bastards, Tool…

DJ Cobalt 60: What was the last book you read?

Razor Candi: I’m actually in the middle of reading it now “Male Sexuality: Why Women Don’t Understand It and Men Don’t Either” by Michael Bader. It’s a really quite interesting book about the psychology behind sexuality. 🙂

DJ Cobalt 60: What is your favorite word?

Razor Candi: Cunt and Fuck or Fucking Cunt, I say that an awful cunt fucking lot!

DJ Cobalt 60: What is your least favorite word?

Razor Candi: Well since I hate the word I hate saying it but since you asked, I really hate the word n-word, when I hear people use it I seriously cringe; I really do not like that word or the people who use it.

DJ Cobalt 60: What sound or noise do you love?

Razor Candi: I really love acoustic guitar.

DJ Cobalt 60: What sound or noise do you hate?

Razor Candi:  Mosquitos!!! When those fuckers buzz in my ear I go mental!

DJ Cobalt 60: What profession would you most love to try?

Razor Candi:  Maybe a dental lab technician. Really anything that might involve creating things and it’s pretty cool to know that you are making something to help people.

DJ Cobalt 60: What profession would you absolutely not like to try?

Razor Candi:  Ironically, after saying it would be cool to make things that would help people, I would absolutely not want a job where I have to socialize with clients or any kind of customer service. I’m really bad with helping rude people and I curse a lot!

DJ Cobalt 60: Your favorite human virtue?

Razor Candi: I like honesty and humor!

DJ Cobalt 60: Your idea of happiness?

Razor Candi: To be unburdened by stress and drama. To live comfortably and be surrounded by caring people and a safe environment.

DJ Cobalt 60: Your idea of misery?

Razor Candi: To be bothered with stressful situations. Having to deal with ignorant self-important, self-entitled people.

DJ Cobalt 60: For people interested in your work or want to learn more about you where can they go?

Razor Candi: I have a few pages that people can follow:

My personal website

Members Only +18 site



DJ Cobalt 60: Who has been with you since the start?

Razor Candi: My twin sister, literally seeing as I was born with her but also my life partner, he has been there for me through parts of my more notable life adventures.

DJ Cobalt 60: And who would you like to thank for their support?

Razor Candi: Eden Prosper, Attila, Andreea, Forrest & Amelia [Blue Blood], Truls [Dracula Clothing], Krissy [Gore Couture], Lily [Lily’s Graveyard], Menton3 and all of my fans and followers who have stuck by me for so many years!  Thank you all!

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