Interview with Photographer – Anne-Constance Frénoy

DJ Cobalt 60: Why is the female form featured so frequently in work?

Anne-Constance Frénoy: I started photography by taking pics of my friends, then growing up I began to take pics of models, who were friends of mine, and because I didn’t know any stylist, I worked on my own shooting girls without clothes!

I used to dance a lot, I also do yoga…to me body and mind are really working together with one another.

DJ Cobalt 60: When did you first try your hand at photography? You use to model yourself do you think it was only a matter of time before you turned the camera on some else? I often hear from models that I interview that they have a strong desire to try photography either out of curiosity or because they have grown bored with modeling and are kind of over it.

Anne-Constance Frénoy: I got my first camera at age 14, I was already taking pics of birds in the sky, flowers and my friends! Then years later I realized that I wanted to create more and more images! Working as a model made me understand how difficult it could be to be in front of a lens, directed by a person you don t know…I don’t envy my models , I don’t desire them, I think I just understand them!

DJ Cobalt 60: Who are some photographers who have shaped and influenced your own photography? Are you still as enamored by other photographers work as you use to be? What fuels you creativity these days?

Anne-Constance Frénoy: I am not really into other photographers’ work, of course I really like some of their pics, but regarding my own photography I’m looking in on myself, around me (nature, light…) and of course what the girl I am working with wants to give me….It’s really a personal thing.

You know I work on my own, alone with a girl, I have to deal with the light, location and the mood of the moment which don’t allow me the time to think about other photographers’ work!

What I really love is walking around the Musée d’Orsay and going back again and again to the Pre-Raphaelites paintings!

I studied art history, and I realize now how much it has influenced my work!

DJ Cobalt 60: What’s your set-up like? How has is evolved over the years?

Anne-Constance Frénoy: I only shoot film! No extra light, no retouches! I still work with my very first camera, a little Pentax, I also use my Grandpas’ Canon (35mm) and also a Pentax (6×8).

DJ Cobalt 60: You typical choose to shoot outside in a natural setting as opposed to in a studio, how do you go about picking where you want your photos to take place?

Anne-Constance Frénoy: I am really a nature lover, I find my locations by walking a lot! I go out with a girl in the woods and we walk till we find a beautiful place to shoot! Working with me is like a trek!!! 🙂 (But with warm tea and some good food to eat!)

DJ Cobalt 60: Looking at your photos is meditative experience for me because I find them to be so rich and poetic. A word that gets thrown around a lot is dreamlike but, I honestly feel that it’s an appropriate way to describe your work. Most photographers try to throw in a lot of artificial props or elaborate make up to make their imagery seem dreamlike. You on the hand use the real world to your advantage and construct a scene I know never took place yet, feel like it did, set in a world deceptively similar to my own steeped in nostalgia, passion and discovery. What quality do you strive for most in your photography?

Anne-Constance Frénoy: Well thanks!! You know I just shoot what seems right to me when the light allows it, I try to capture the mood of the moment, the beauty of the girl and the nature around her.

I don t want my pics to look fake, when you have so many beautiful things in front of your lens, why add anything artificial?

I am a nostalgic and passionate person, my point is to show you the world as I am seeing it! I’m very fortunate when I manage to!

DJ Cobalt 60: What would you consider the best photo you have ever taken to be?

Anne-Constance Frénoy: The best is probably yet to come!

DJ Cobalt 60: How do you like to direct your models? It seems like they internalize a lot of their emotions and strike a fine balance between subtly and ambiguity that raises more questions than it does answers.

Anne-Constance Frénoy: I choose the girls I work with because I appreciate them as people, more than just a face or a body. I really want to spend a good day with a beautiful human being! I want them to be confident with their body, I never ask them to give me more than they want to. The result is probably less explicit than what you would get with a male photographer…with me there is no question of desire, or who dominates the relationship, it’s more about the complexity of women.

DJ Cobalt 60: Is your work very therapeutic for you? How much of yourself do you think you project onto your models? When are you most satisfied with your work?

Anne-Constance Frénoy: I don t think about that, I only feel really grateful to be able do what I love to and please people with my images! The most important thing to me is to share the Love!

EVERY PHOTOGRAPHER NEEDS a warm cup of tea! (Tea is always a good idea!!)


A CHALLENGE I LOOK FORWARD TO is sometimes putting clothes on my models!

THE LAST TIME A PHOTO LEFT ME SPEECHLESS…an original print by Julia Margaret Cameron.

THE SOUNDTRACK TO MY LIFE…I love music so much! My head is full of notes!

Anne 1

DJ Cobalt 60: For people interested in learning more about you or your work where can they go?

Anne-Constance Frénoy: Go to the Musée d Orsay! Go walking in the woods, feel the wind in your hair, walk barefoot on grass, enjoy the relationship between the elements and your skin…

If you’re cold you can also check out my website

DJ Cobalt 60: Is there any you would like to thank who has supported you throughout your career or been instrumental to your career?

Anne-Constance Frénoy: Thank to all the beautiful humans who trust me enough to take off their clothes for me! And thank you to take the time to look at my pics and dream…Love is the Key! 

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